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Xcite Technologies supports you every step of the way. 

Your Success is Our Success

Xcite Technologies offers an extensive range of light-based technologies to Canadian aesthetics practices, physicians, and medical spas. Our product range has been globally sourced to provide practitioners with the most advanced medical aesthetics equipment and options on the market. 

We are committed to helping Canadian aestheticians and physicians offer treatments that will transform not only how their patients look on the outside, but also how they feel on the inside. At the same time, each of our products are offered with the intention of helping you grow your business and create new revenue-generating opportunities. 

In addition to our medical aesthetics equipment, we strive to offer medical aesthetics practices with the training, marketing, financing, service, and support they need to succeed in a competitive industry.

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Good marketing is a vital factor in achieving success for your aesthetics business. Although investors and doctors in aesthetic practices have rarely needed to market or publicize their businesses before, the digital age has made online branding more important than ever. At Xcite, we partner with digital marketing specialists whose integrated marketing strategies will take your business to the next level. We tailor our strategies to meet your specific goals and objectives generating an online presence that truly reflects your unique business.



Investing in upgraded and improved medical aesthetics equipment is a major decision for your business, and we understand that financing is a key consideration.

At Xcite, we work for you to secure the financial means necessary for your equipment investments. To do this, we maintain strong relationships with lenders, find solutions to your concerns about leases and payments, help you avoid consuming lines of credit, seek out competitive interest rates, and more. Count on us to handle the messy bits of financing so you can focus on growing your aesthetics practice.

Additionally, Xcite offers a wide range of financial customizations for both experienced providers and those new to the aesthetic business. We also provide exceptional programs for system upgrades, trade-ins, and Certified Pre-Owned devices.



With the right training, your new laser device will become a revenue-generating powerhouse for your business. To make sure you get the most out of your medical aesthetics equipment, Xcite provides advanced clinical education at your location on your schedule. Our seasoned trainers will guide you and your staff in becoming comfortable using your devices and maximizing their effectiveness.




Our Italian handcrafted devices, made with superior parts and craftsmanship, are just one of the reasons Xcite is a preferred choice in the aesthetics industry. But what use is your laser device if it stops working?

If you have any issues with your laser, our Xcite’s Service Department will provide quick solutions to get you running again with minimal downtime. Our expert engineers can often diagnose problems over the phone and get issues resolved at a faster rate than most other companies. If your device needs hands-on service, our care centers across the US and Canada will provide in-clinic service with little turnaround time.

You can count on the Xcite Service Team to keep you up and running. Call us at [Service Department number] with any questions or concerns about your medical aesthetics equipment.

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