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The Jet Peel Facial Is Like A Car Wash For Your Face And I’ve Never Looked More Hydrated.

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I Tried a Jet Peel Facial and Had My Skin Irrigated and My Blackheads Vacuumed Out.


My skin and I have a love-hate relationship of sorts. I’m constantly loving on it. And just sometimes, it loves me back. I’ve gone through blissful times of clarity and then, of course, those lovely moments where you’re basically playing whack-a-mole on your face. 

Jennifer Aniston and Uma Thurman Love This Jet Peel Facial, So I Tried It


There are luxurious spa experiences, and then there are spas that are so divine they make you feel as is you stepped out of your own reality and into a version of heaven. The spa at the newly opened West Hollywood Edition Hotel falls squarely in the latter. 

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